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What to look for and what to avoid in the best blenders for your restaurant

Every business has had a commercial blender for a long time.  With all the different ways it can be used in the kitchen and bar. It's one of the best tools you can use for everything from smoothies to soups. Source : Some people have their own ideas about which blender is the best.  Even so, there are a lot of other people who can do the job for less money. If you are shopping for commercial blenders, you need to know what to look for. In this guide, we'll talk about what you should look for in the best commercial blender. What should you think about when you buy blenders for your restaurant? What kinds of commercial blenders should you stay away from? Let's find out. 1. Motor Size Use is the first thing you need to think about when buying a commercial blender.  Depending on the situation, you would need a whole different set of features. A blender that works well for making soups won't work well for making smoothies. What kinds of food will you be able

Beware: It's hot! How to Clean a Commercial Fryer Step by Step

Burns from hot oil are a serious risk because oil has a high boiling point, can catch fire, and is thick. When the temperature is the same, hot oil can hurt skin more than hot water. Even when cooking at home, burns from hot oil can be so bad that they need surgery and skin grafts. When working with commercial fryers in a commercial kitchen, you need to be careful. Even more so when you change the oil or clean the fryer. Find out how to clean a fryer in a safe and effective way by reading on. Source : Get the tools you need to clean your fryer. The first step in cleaning a deep fryer is to get all of the supplies you need to clean it. Protective gear is the most important thing to bring. You'll need nitrile gloves. These kinds of gloves will keep your skin from getting hurt. Also, wear safety glasses so that hot oil doesn't splash into your eyes. Oil makes clothes look dirty and can hurt your skin. Put on a heavy vinyl apron to keep your clothes and skin from g

How to Set Up a Small Commercial Kitchen in Three Easy Steps

Freezers, fryers, and things to put out fires, oh my! When you start a food service business, there are a lot of things to think about. And making sure your kitchen is set up right is very important if you want to do well. Setting up a business kitchen doesn't have to be hard. It's really as easy as 1, 2, 3! Here's a guide with 3 easy steps on how to set up a small commercial kitchen. Source : Step 1: Come up with a menu you love. Everything in your restaurant is based on the menu. Make a menu with food you like. When making a menu, you should also think about how your commercial kitchen is set up. By design, very small restaurant kitchens can't handle bigger menus like bigger commercial kitchens can. So, if your kitchen is small, you might want to make a menu with less food. With this in mind, it's time to start making plans for what to eat. Start by making a theme for your menu. You want your food to make you stand out from other restaurants in th