At Your Service: A List of the Best, Newest, and Most Essential Equipment for Today's Modern Hotel Kitchen

In the United States alone, the food industry brings in about $108,402 million a year.

People who work in the food business depend on their kitchen equipment, as well as the great food and creative menus.

If you work in the hotel business, you know how important it is to have a kitchen that works well.

We will talk about the most up-to-date kitchen equipment, whether you are remodeling your hotel kitchen or are new to the business.

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What kind of kitchen do you have?

Before you decide what equipment you need for your new modern hotel kitchen, you need to think about the menu and other needs.

How you set up your kitchen will depend on the food you serve. If you know what you're going to put on the menu, you'll know if you need to cook, bake, or fry. It will also tell you how much space you need for cooking and getting ready.

Measure your modern hotel kitchen before you make a list of your favorite kitchen tools. The last thing you want to do is under-measure and end up with the wrong tools.

Counters for making food

Even if you have stoves and ovens, you still need a place to prep food.

Modern hotel kitchens have to have counters for making food. Since you will have to clean, degrease, and disinfect them every night, you need to choose a material that can handle this.

Choose stainless steel counters that won't rust over time and can handle meat juices and other food juices.

Since you will be slicing, chopping, and cutting food on these counters, choose cutting boards that are easy to clean. Some people choose cutting boards made of plastic or wood.

Plastic boards are easy to clean and work with, but watch out for any grooves that might form. 

These groves can be hard to clean and can hold bacteria that can make you sick.

On the other hand, grooves don't form as quickly on wooden boards.

Mixers: You need a mixer if you want to serve freshly baked bread or make cakes and desserts from scratch.

It's important to have a commercial mixer because it can handle large amounts of dough and other ingredients.

If pizza dough or even bagels are on your menu, you will need a spiral mixer. Spiral mixers can handle anywhere from 50 to 600 pounds of dough at once.

On the other hand, a planetary mixer will work if you need a mixer for something other than baking. You can mix anything, from whipped cream to mashed potatoes, at different speeds with a planetary mixer.

Processors for food

Food processors are a must-have in modern hotel kitchens. There are four main options: the combination, the buffalo chopper, the continuous feed, and the batch bowl.

Some of the most durable and all-metal processors on the market are made by Buffalo. 

They are good with both vegetables and tough meats.

Continuous-feed processors let you keep putting in ingredients while the rest are chopped or blended.

Batch bowl processors, as the name suggests, process one batch at a time. The size of these bowls ranges from one to six quarts, but they can also be bigger.

Combination processors are a mix of batch processors and processors that feed all the time.

Ranges, Ovens, and Grills

If your hotel's menu calls for food to be cooked over an open flame, you will need a commercial range. For a hotel kitchen, a gas range might be better than an electric one.

An open flame makes it easier to tell how hot something is, but electric ranges are also good.

All commercial gas and electric ranges have an oven built right in. If this is enough to keep your modern hotel kitchen running, you might not need to buy any more ovens.

But if you offer a lot of baked dishes or baked goods, you might need to add more stand-alone ovens to keep up with the demand.

Flat-top grills are good for a modern hotel kitchen because they can be used for many different things. A flat-top commercial grill can be used to cook burgers, pancakes, and burgers.

Refrigerators, Freezers, and Ice Machine

All modern commercial kitchens need good refrigeration to keep food fresh and keep the quality of the food up. A modern hotel won't be able to handle food well enough if it doesn't have a good freezer and refrigerator.

Most high-quality commercial freezers and fridges come in both reach-in and walk-in models. 

There are more things to think about when it comes to refrigerators and freezers, but you need to decide which one fits your needs.

If your kitchen isn't very big, you might not have enough room for a walk-in fridge. Some larger walk-in refrigerators can be made to fit the size of the kitchen.

Don't forget to get an ice machine to keep up with the hotel's ice needs.

Slicers: Modern hotel menus stand out because of how they are put together.

Slicers not only make the job easier and faster, but they also make sure that all the food that is sliced looks great.

In a modern hotel kitchen, having a slicer will help with tasks like slicing cheese, meat, and other ingredients.

To get the most out of a slicer, you can add different parts to it.


Your modern hotel kitchen needs a modern sink that can keep up with the number of dirty dishes that need to be cleaned. Local health authorities also have rules about what these sinks need to have.

Shelving: A modern hotel kitchen needs the right shelving to keep things like inventory and storage organized.

Shelves are mostly used for things that don't go bad, like appliances, spices, and extras.

Kitchen Display System

If you are in charge of the kitchen at a modern hotel, you won't want to yell out orders. Instead, you need a modern display system for your kitchen that can be updated in real time.

With the display, the kitchen will work better.


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